What is Clementina?

Clementina is born in Mediterranean cycling. A pure, race-bred and dynamic bicycle, taking its name from our own sweet, but powerful, citrus fruit.
Beauty and expertise in one of the most refined and versatile materials and its technology.
Developed from extensive experience in mechanics, biomechanics and competition and in response to the drift and loss of artisanal craft in the industry. Returning, as in the Renaissance, to a time when art was inseparably linked to technology. A sports bicycle, modern, beautiful and timeless beyond simple fashions and conventions. Come and enjoy your power.


is the complete bike. Proven racing geometry, specifically designed for each of the extensive sizes; from the moment you ride, it’s a missile with perfect balance and speed on all roads


is a racing bicycle without concessions; in which
the dialogue is, you pedal, and you simply go faster


is a race bike for the open country and mountain. Very fast and light, refined and somewhat feline.
The speed of a wild animal. Do you want to come and see our bikes?
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Do you want to come see our bikes?

Where are we?

Plaza Mañé i Flaquer 2 / 08006 Barcelona
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Pau Tena Ciclisme

If you have any questions, leave us your details and we’ll get in touch with you.